Residents Still Unknown There Jokowi-JK and Prabowo-Hatta

Although competition between the presidential candidates in 2014 Jokowi- Jusuf Kalla and Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa getting warmer these days , there is also people who claimed not to know their figure . This happens in Bengkulu .

Most people do not recognize the presidential - vice presidential candidate pairs are rural communities and the elderly group . In the village Talang Long , District Ilir Talo , Seluma District , Bengkulu , a resident named Tunsir ( 75 ) claimed not to know the candidates who will compete in the 2014 presidential election .

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When offered a number of names such as Jokowi , Prabowo , and vice president , respectively , the grandfather just smiled and shook his head .

"I do not know who they were , " said Tunsir , Monday ( 26/05/2014 ) .

Meanwhile , Anwar ( 65 ) , one of the religious leaders Stairs Stone Village , District of South Seluma , Seluma District , said there is currently a clear understanding of who and where the presidential candidates will be chosen later .

" I do not know who and where the presidential candidates , how I would choose it if the person did not know , " he said .

However, both people want the next president comes from a leader who cares for the farmers as they are .

They want to be able to get cheap fertilizer and rice or grain sales price increases in order to survive with their children and grandchildren . They also hope to run with good irrigation .


UNS Solo SBMPTN Still Lacking in Applicants

Apply new students through the Joint Selection Entrance State University ( SBMPTN ) 2014 University March Surakarta ( UNS ) Solo since opening on May 12, 2014 until now is still minimal .

" Apply new students passing SBMPTN in UNS until Friday ( 26/5 ) recorded about 1,563 new people , " said Chairman of the Selection Admissions ( SNCA ) UNS 2014 , Prof. Drs Sutarno , M.Si , M. Pd , told reporters in Solo on Saturday .

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A total of 1,563 applicants SBMPTN UNS 2014 , consisted of 554 people for Saintek choice , and the remaining 739 applicants Soshum 270 students mixture .

Sutarno who also serves as the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs UNS is said that there are still at least registrant SBMPTN UNS 2014 , although the results of the National Examination 2014 has been announced .

This is likely because they are still waiting for the announcement of the National Selection State University ( SNMPTN ) 2014 scheduled on Tuesday ( 27/5 ) .
" Among the factors that are causing them to graduate high school / vocational school has not signed up . They are still many who have not registering the passing lane , " said Sutarno .

Related applicants for scholarship applicants Bidikmisi SBMPTN 2014 , he said , until now reached 106 people . They consisted of 34 men Saintek choice , Soshum 53 people and 19 others from the Mixed option .


Mahfud MD: Position Suryadharma as Threatened jurkam sacked

The position of PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali as one of the campaigners of Megawati- Prabowo vice - Hatta Rajasa threatened removed . It follows the establishment of the Ministry of Religious Affairs as a suspect in a case of alleged corruption in the procurement of goods and services of Hajj .

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"Yes, when it became a suspect , maybe baseball can be jurkam , " said Mahfud MD , Chairman of the Campaign Candidates - vice presidential candidate Prabowo - Hatta , who met after a coordination meeting at the winning team Polonia , Jakarta , Thursday ( 05/23/2014 ) .

Mahfud added that he did not want too many comments related to the problem. He handed entirely legal cases Suryadharma the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) . ” Yes that’s normal legal process , so let me just so , ” he said .

Mahfud explained , Suryadharma determination as the suspect is not going to affect the position of the PPP in a coalition . Because Suryadharma not too involved in technical issues winnings .

Previously, the Commission set the Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali as suspects in the alleged corruption related to the procurement of goods and services in the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj fiscal year 2012-2013 .

Determination of the suspects Suryadharma Ali delivered KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas . ” It rose investigation by the SDA ( Suryadharma Ali ) et al as a suspect , ” said KPK deputy chairman Busyro Muqoddas via text message on Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

Commission has held a project related inquiry Hajj . Investigations performed Hajj Commission project focuses on three things . First , the cost of organizing the Hajj ( BPIH ) . Secondly , the procurement of goods and related services Haj accommodation . Third , the Hajj facilities granted to certain parties and not in accordance with the provisions .

KPK chairman Abraham Samad said earlier that the Commission immediately set suspects linked to project procurement of goods and services in the administration of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Hajj in the fiscal year 2012-2013 . According to Abraham , ” candidate ” suspect this is one of the leaders in Indonesia .

Hajj project related inquiry , the Commission has requested information Suryadharma . After questioning the Commission , Suryadharma admitted asked about the organization of the Hajj , especially the catering and lodging Hajj deemed inappropriate .

United Development Party politician also claimed that House members were asked about the ” play ” in the business of Hajj . In addition , Suryadharma claiming benefits or funds from deposit interest during this pilgrimage has been managed to improve the quality of service of the pilgrims. He denied there were certain parties who take advantage of interest payments or benefits of the pilgrimage .


Hatta Suicide Will not the Nationalization of Foreign Company

Observers ekonomir Rachbini judge Didik J , Hatta Radjasa who became vice-presidential candidate Prabowo as a pro from the market . Therefore , let’s call him , the Chairman of the National Mandate Party , will not nationalize foreign companies .

" Hatta will not commit suicide by nationalizing foreign companies , " said Didik , who is one of the cadre of the PAN , as a speaker in the discussion of the Indonesian Economy Predicted Direction Post- Election at the University of Indonesia , Salemba , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

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According to Didi , Prabowo promise that will nationalize foreign companies will be difficult to realize . He said , Prabowo may bounce because of the power of foreign investors today are more powerful .

Learners also assess vice presidential candidates will compete in the presidential election this July 9 , Jusuf Kalla and Hatta Radjasa , have in common . He said both the senior leaders already have considerable experience in the Indonesian economy .

Earlier, Vice- Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra , Hashim Djojohadikusomo also Chairman of the Board of Trustees denied Gerindra Prabowo has no intention to nationalize foreign companies .

It was mentioned related statement by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Youtube that says a dangerous candidate because of plans to nationalize foreign companies . He also denied the statement was intended to Gerindra .

" Prabowo was never the intention of nationalizing foreign companies . Indonesia as part of world trade is certainly not possible to stand alone , " Hashim said through a press statement received , Saturday ( 05/09/2014 ) afternoon .

If Prabowo elected later , he promised foreign firms would likely be used as an equal business partner . Later , Indonesia can benefit from foreign firms , and vice versa .


Declaration of candidates, JCI fact close lower 16.57 points

Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) in trading today , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) closed down following the trend of regional markets .

Although weakened , day trading is quite passionate , along with vice - presidential declaration by the two shafts . But it was not able to sustain attenuation index in the second session must surrender went into the red zone . It was one of them also contributed by profit taking .

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At 16.00 hours , JCI parking at 5014.99 levels or decreased 16.57 points ( -0.32 percent ) . There are only 83 stocks rose , while other stocks traded lower 228 and 71 shares stagnant .

Stimulation of the stock market looks of trade volume reached 5.69 billion shares lots and transaction value to $ 8.9 trillion . Foreign investors are active enough to make a purchase on this day .

Stocks that give a positive turnover is greatest for investors TLKM ( USD 2,580 ) , BBRI ( Rp 10,975 ) , PGAS ( USD 5,575 ) , ADRO ( USD 1,275 ) , and INCO (USD 3,870 ) . The stocks that provide the biggest negative turnover is SMGR ( Rp 15,275 ) , WIKA ( USD 2,340 ) , ADHI ( USD 3,140 ) , LPKR ( USD 1,120 ) , and INTP ( Rp 23,100 ) .

Sectors of mining stocks that rose ( 0.32 percent ) , infrastructure ( 0.86 percent ) and financial sector ( 0.36 percent ) .

Conversely , the weaker sectors are agribusiness ( -1.24 percent ) , basic industry ( -2.3 percent ) , miscellaneous industry ( -0.01 percent ) , consumer ( -0.63 percent ) , property ( -1 , 96 percent ) , trade ( -0.87 percent ) and manufacturing ( -0.9 percent ) .

Of regional , most stock markets in Asia Pacific fell , as investors await the release of the Japanese and Chinese economic data . In addition , the weakening of the exchange in this region is also triggered by the thinness of the Wall Street over the weekend .

Japan’s Nikkei index fell 0.64 per cent, at 14006.44 . The Hang Seng index also fell 0.04 percent at 22,704.5 .

Although the index fell , but today the rupiah strengthened along with vice - presidential declaration . As of this afternoon , the rupiah traded at Rp 11,351 per U.S. dollar , having gained 0.56 percent .


Ahok: Nationalization disadvantaged Indonesian Mining Company

Jakarta Vice Governor Tjahaja Basuki Purnama said , in the next 10 years , some contract work for foreign mining companies operating in Indonesia will end . According to him , that’s when the right time for Indonesia to renegotiate contracts in order to be profitable in the future of Indonesia.

Although hope Indonesia can benefit from the new contract , Basuki reiterated that nationalization is not the right step . Because, according to him , such a move would be detrimental to Indonesia itself .

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" Ten years there will be a lot of work contracts maturing foreign companies . So , we could expect the next president to renegotiate more favorable contracts . , But , not nationalize because we can not be arbitrary, " said Basuki while receiving high school students 1 Leuwiliang , Bogor , at City Hall on Wednesday ( 14/05/2014 ) .

Basuki said , one of the points that renegotiation can be done is to ask foreign firms to prioritize local employment . Therefore, he advised the students who are currently occupying the school in order to study harder . Because, according to him , that’s what the students will be a great opportunity to work in foreign companies .

" So , when we have good human resources , we will become a great nation . Brothers will all be part of it . Therefore , need to learn the diligent , " said the man who was familiarly called Ahok it .


8 Year Boy Killed When His sister Bela of Rape

Police in Virginia , U.S. , on Saturday ( 05/03/2014 ) , captures a young boy aged 16 years for allegedly killing a boy 8 years . Victim’s family members and neighbors said the boy died while trying to save his sister from sexual violence .

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Richmond Police Department , as reported by the Los Angeles Times , did not identify the suspects , the mere mention of his age , but said the teenager was charged with murder and strangulation . The teenager was also alleged to have attacked the boy’s sister , who according to family members aged 12 years .

8 years old boy who was killed was remembered by hundreds of people in prayer on Saturday night . Amid tears apart and laughter will be a variety of positive memories , family members and friends describe the boy and his sister as an integral partner . They used to go to the mall , ride a bike , and equally obedient to their mother .

Some police officers said they were amazed by the number of people who come to the prayer event . ” I think it’s very evident by the number of people who are here . This means a lot to this family and is very meaningful to the police department , ” said police Maj. Steve Drew told a television channel . ” The arrest ( suspects ) have been conducted since the involvement of the community and the people who want to work together . “

The boy’s aunt , Geraldine Pitchford , wearing shirts featuring his picture . ” My nephew is a sweet boy who is very loved , ” Pitchford said that when prayer . He said the boy’s mother was too upset to talk . ” Please pray for my sister because she definitely needs people who can help and care . “

The boy died at the scene of the alleged attack , which occurred about six o’clock local time on Thursday , on the side of the railroad tracks in a residential neighborhood in the southeast of the city center . His sister was admitted to hospital on Saturday . Police did not describe the condition of the wound .

A family member told WTVR - TV that the two children were playing when someone comes up to them and tried to rape her . A resident in the area told a television station that the girl appeared from the railway crossings in the state of bruises and torn clothing . Police did not say how the boy was killed .

Police said on Saturday that although the suspect has been identified within a few hours , it should be ” medically evaluated ” before being arrested . Authorities also said they initially had an inaccurate description of the suspect because he had been ” threatened and intimidated ” her .

The suspect is said to live in the same neighborhood with the children.


Used as a Sex Slave, A Successful Woman Fleeing

A Russian woman who used sex slaves managed to escape from his captors and rescued three other women who were held with him after he used a cloth tied to climb to safety .

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Russian police praised the courage of the 29-year -old woman after she escaped from the flat where he was held captive in Irkutsk , a city in eastern Russia . The woman was believed to have been held in the second floor flat , with three other women by Emmanuel Maslow ( 34 years ) , who had been arrested on charges of drug possession and trafficking.

Police said Maslow wanted to create a harem that contain women. The man apparently managed to trap the victim and the other women met when they were in town and took them to his flat . The woman was believed to have been chained in the flat and threatened with death if they are noisy .

A door is grounded to prevent the women said that they fled and allegedly fed alcohol .

Women who qualify for the courage to run away after drinking alcohol , the news agency reported Europan Central News, Wednesday ( 04/30/2014 ) . He tied a few pieces of fabric and rose to safety when his captors were in the kitchen .

A police spokesman said , ” We went back to the apartment with him and freed the other women . All of them received medical treatment and he was arrested . “

Police did not say how long the woman had been held captive but ensure that Maslow seems to have had a plan for holding them there for a long time . He said a large number of drugs have also been found in the flat and that he was facing charges related to drug possession and trafficking.

Police suspect there are other people who know the whereabouts of four women there is no indication of his captors and offer them to the amount of the drug business clients to have sex .


Got a new Nokia CEO

After Microsoft bought the handset business, Nokia announced Rajeev Suri as Chief Executive Officer of the new company.

Suri is an electronics and telecommunications engineer 46-year-old who previously held the units of Nokia mobile network since 2009. He has successfully reversed the golden age division of Network & Solution Nokia which had left a mess after a merger with a unit of Siemens network in 2006.

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Excerpted from WSJ, Rajeev Suri commented “With our three strong business position (Network, HERE and Technology) coupled to a position as one of the largest software companies in the world, we will achieve the goal of becoming the leader in technology for the world in which all people connected “.

Currently, Nokia will start the capital structure optimization program worth U.S. $ 6.9 billion, including to pay dividends to shareholders, buy back shares, reduce debt, and other financial measures. (*)


Members Hundreds of BPD in Karachi Demand Withdrawal of Honor

Hundreds of members of the Village Consultative Body in Karawang , West Java , rallied local government offices Monday , demanding that their salaries be paid for several months .

Chairman of the Board of the Village Consultative Forum Falkirk Tamjid requested that the local government immediately pay their salaries . Because the fees mentioned are members of the Consultative Body (BPD ) in Karachi .

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" Liquefaction honor members of the BPD becomes one with the melting of the village . If the government honor the village already liquid , why not honor members of the BPD of liquid , until experiencing arrears ? Was weird , " he said .

He said , if the honor of the village incorporated in each village government already liquid from Karawang regency , should honoraria for members of the BPD was liquid .

According to him , since the last four months salary BPD in Karawang not yet liquid . Whereas in its provisions , all members of the BPD in Falkirk honorarium 400 thousand per month .

He considered , BPD is part of the village government . The same position with the position in the Falkirk Council local government . Above this, Tamjid requested that local authorities pay attention to all the members of BPD as Falkirk .

Meanwhile , Head of Community and Village Government Karachi Ahmad Hidayat said the disbursement honor the members of the BPD in conjunction with the melting of the honor attendant in each of the villages around Karachi .

But he acknowledges , there are still some filing melting problematic, because not meet the specified requirements . One was due to non-compliance with the filing requirements submitted disbursement village government .

" The members of the BPD was actually not given the honor by the regency of Karawang , but honornya recorded in the village budget , " he said .